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  • Click here for information on how to care for your prints and INFORMATION ON READY MADE FRAMES


    LATE OR REPEAT ORDERS  Unfortunately late and repeat orders have to be charged at a higher rate as it is much more expensive to place small individual orders as they do not attract a "bulk" discount from the professional printing lab used by Patricia Taylor Photography.  It is also more time consuming to put through individual orders.  The additional charges set out below have been maintained for many years at the same rate and are kept to the absolute minimum as they only cover the time, admin, higher print lab and delivery costs of putting through small/individual orders.

    To place a late or repeat order please e-mail    

    • Please note that there is a late/repeat order fee of £4.00 and a minimum spend of £17 per order.
    • It is also possible to order photos from previous years.  Most years are available going back to 2007.  
    • Please note that packs and prices for all orders are now only available at the prices and print options set out on below.



PRINT SIZE (approx in inches)


S - small 5 x 3.5 (5.75 x 4.25 with mount)


M - medium 6 x 4 (8 x 6 with mount)


L - large 9 x 6 (11 x 8 with mount)


Spend a minimum of £17 on an image from the above price list, and you then qualify to order copies of that image at a special discount price as set out below.  You also have the opportunity to order the 8 image wallet set as well - ideal for sending to family and friends!

W - a set of 8 wallet images.  Each image is 2 x 1.5 inches (no mount)


S - small 5 x 3.5 (5.75 x 4.25 with mount)


M - medium 6 x 4 (8x6 with mount)


L - large 9 x 6 (11 x 8 with mount)