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FULL PRICE & DISCOUNTS:  A discounted price is applied to same size copies of the same image - but you are free to order a mix of colour and black & white prints within the same order of an image.  For example:  you order nine prints of the same image and want a mix of colour and black & white prints.  You want 3 small, 4 medium and 2 large.  You only need to pay the full price on the first print at each of the S, M, L sizes; and the discounted price (as applicable) for each of the different sized copies.  However, if you are ordering 1 Large print and 1 Medium print the full price is due on each print as you have not ordered any same size copies.  

PAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER:   You will find all the details you need to make a Bank Transfer payment on your order form.  When paying by Bank Transfer your payment must clear by the Close Date.  Unfortunately payments which clear or are made later than this will incur a 'Late Order' fee which means an additional £5.00 fee per order (ie: for images from one or more order cards) and a minimum spend of £17.50 per order card.  


LATE OR REPEAT ORDERS:  To place an order after the close date ie: either a late or repeat order, please e-mail admin@patriciataylorphotography.co.uk.    

  • Please note that there is a late/repeat order fee of £5.00 per order (ie - for images from one or more order cards) and a minimum spend of £17.50 per order card.

  • Photos from previous years may be available going back to 2007 - you will need to email the studio to check availability and for Bank Transfer payment details.

Caring for your Prints

    Frame your prints to protect them using a mount to separate them from the glass.

     Avoid sunlight, heat & damp

     Look at them regularly & enjoy!

PRINT SIZE (approx in inches)

Full Price - Single Print Size

Discounted Price - Additional Print Copies Ordered of Same Image & Size

S - small 5 x 3.5 (5.75 x 4.25 with mount)



M - medium 6 x 4 (8 x 6 with mount)



L- large 9 x 6 (11 x 8 with mount)




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