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      Booking Terms & Conditions

Terminology - sorry about the formality - it's a legal thing!

       The client is deemed to be the person or persons paying for the costs, fees, charges and subsequent orders

       Patricia Taylor Photography will be referred to as the studio, and the client will be referred to as you. 

       When you book Patricia Taylor Photography you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions shown below on behalf of anyone participating in the session, and it is your responsibility to inform them.

       Please contact the studio before your session if you need to discuss anything contained within the studio's terms and conditions.  

Nitty Gritty

      1   A session typically costs *£50 and is normally accompanied by a booking fee of £100.  * Fees quoted are based on the shoot being within a  15 mile radius/ 30 minutes travel time of Horsleys Green Manor.   Additional costs may be incurred to cover travel expenses, if appropriate, depending on the actual location.  The session fee may vary where we have agreed particular shoot requirements, but this will be made clear before booking..

      2   Both the session and the booking fee are payable in full in advance.  

      3   The booking fee will be credited towards your first order provided you place an order within one calendar month of the proofs being made available.  After one calendar month the credit will no longer be valid.

      4   Cancellations of 5 working days or less (excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays), will be subject to the full session & booking fee.  

      5   A bad weather contingency will need to be agreed to avoid cancellation fees.  In the event that you choose not to have a contingency plan, or to cancel the session despite a contingency plan being in place, the full session & booking fee will be due to cover the studio's time and costs incurred.  A refund may be paid, at the studio's discretion, of any balance of fees once the studio's time and costs have been covered.

      6   You agree to pay for your order in full at the time the order is placed, and once the order has been made any alterations to the order will be subject to an additional charge.

      7   Cancelled orders will be subject to an unspecified fee - but this is only to cover any costs incurred by the studio for the time taken to create and place your order.  You will receive a refund for any balance once this has been calculated.  It is not possible to cancel the order of a digital file once it has been downloaded.

      8   You are responsible for ensuring that your order and any subsequent changes requested are correct.

      9   Products may bear the studio name which may include a signature as a mark of authenticity.

      10   You hereby grant the studio all necessary permissions required by the copyright design and patents act 1988, to allow the studio to use any images created by those participating in the session, for display, advertising, exhibitions, social media, competitions and commercial reproduction and sale.  This list of possible uses is indicative only and is not intended to be exhaustive. Where you do not wish to grant the studio any or all of the aforementioned rights, you will be commissioning work on an exclusive basis and fees and product prices will be subject to separate negotiation, with higher fees being applied to the booking and also the subsequent purchase of products to reflect their exclusive nature.

      11   Booking a session signifies acceptance by you of the studio’s Terms and Conditions unless expressly agreed by both parties in writing prior to the session.

      12   You may not copy or reproduce physical prints in anyway without the prior consent of the studio.  It is a criminal offence to do so.  

      13  Digital files come with a license embedded.  Alteration, manipulation, or reproduction of all or any part of digital files is not permitted without prior consent.  

      14  Digital files that do not contain a commercial use license may not be used commercially without prior consent, and if given, an additional fee may be charged prior to use.

      15  Where you opt to purchase digital files (either high or low resolution) you will need an understanding of digital image management, and by purchasing a digital file you will be accepting that the studio has no liability for any subsequent hard copy reproduction or electronic display issues as the studio has no knowledge of, or control over, either the equipment, processes or materials used by you, or any third party you may use to reproduce or display a digital image.

      16  Digital files must be downloaded within one month of purchase and stored securely by the client.  

      17  The studio has no further obligation to provide digital files (including copies) or make them available (unless agreed as part of the original contract) once the download link or usb stick has been provided to the client.

      18  Any request by the client for alternative crops of digital files, or copies of digital files previously purchased and subsequently lost/damaged, will be charged at full cost as if they are a new order.

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