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Christine is a Mezzo Soprano and travels the world to perform.

Christine got in touch when she was asked to present an award at the Olivier's and asked if I would travel to London for a quick session - the answer was "YES!"

I'm so glad I did.  I have to admit to being more than a little nervous - the Olivier Awards is quite a high profile event, attended by serious heavyweights within the entertainment industry.

Christine had been asked to present one of the awards and wanted to take the opportunity to update her headshots and publicity portfolio for her Agent to use on various websites as well as for press packs, releases and programmes such as the Garsington Opera.  I still get a thrill every time I see one of my portraits in a magazine.  

Christine had booked a rehearsal studio right at the top of the Opera House.  It was late afternoon on an overcast breezy day in April, but we ventured out onto the roof terrace.  To break the ice we got some informal shots of Christine whilst we chatted. She then changed into her evening gown, and we took some more outdoor shots which have a beautiful feel to them with the breeze catching her hair.  Then inside to the studio which was totally glazed along one side providing wonderful soft natural light.   I sat Christine down on a piano stool and gave a few directions as I moved around her to get a range of shots...15 minutes later we had finished.  

It took less than 30 minutes to get all the shots (including downtime whilst Christine changed into her gown)  - but the memory lingers.  There was such a buzz around the place - both inside/backstage and out on the red carpet as crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of their favourite celebrity.  

My two sons (big X Men fans) were seriously impressed that I had been in the same building at the same time as James McAvoy!

For me the cherry on the cake was not just the sheer excitement of being part of the Olivier Awards in some small way, but above all it was that Christine turned out to be just as nice in person as she is beautiful!


"Dear Pat,  Thank you for these.  You've done a wonderful job! Yay"  Christine xx  

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